NQ Series and IO-Link User Support

Applicable models: NQ Series / IO-Link-compatible sensors

This site provides information and guidance useful in setting up and mastering sensor network devices.


Manuals / Technical guides

This page allows users to download manuals for the NQ Series and other IO-Link-compatible sensors and connection guides for PLCs and similar devices.


This page allows users to download monitoring software (NQ Sensor Monitor), communication configuration files for connections to PLCs, AOI files, and IODD files for IO-Link-compatible sensors.


This page allows users to download CAD data for the main unit, cables, and options of the NQ Series.

Search by communication protocol

This page allows users to search by communication protocol to find the manuals, software, and CAD data required for setting up sensor network devices.


This page provides contact details and a form to use in asking questions about, consulting regarding selection of, and obtaining technical support for the NQ Series.


Videos useful for using the NQ Series / IO-Link-compatible sensors

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