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Programmable Logic ControllerKV Nano series

Expansion Input Unit 32-input switching 5V/24V DC connector type



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Expansion input unit

External connection method


Input Points

32 points

Input terminals

24 VDC mode, 5 VDC mode

Maximum input voltage

26.4 VDC

Input rated voltage

24 VDC mode

5.2 mA*1

5 VDC mode

1 mA*1

Minimum ON voltage

24 VDC mode


5 VDC mode


Maximum OFF voltage

24 VDC mode


5 VDC mode

Common method

32 points/1 common (2 terminals)*2

Input time constant (four-level switching)

Input time constant setting

OFF to ON: Typ.

25µs : 10µs
300µs : 240µs
1ms : 1ms
10ms : 10ms

OFF to ON: Max.

25µs : 50µs
300µs : 290µs
1ms : 1.2ms
10ms : 11ms

ON to OFF: Typ.

25µs : 50µs
300µs : 280µs
1ms : 1ms
10ms : 10ms

ON to OFF: Max.

25µs : 150µs
300µs : 390µs
1ms : 1.2ms
10ms : 11ms

Input impedance


Internal current consumption

20mA or less


Approx. 110 g

*1 Reference value of input current.
*2 The KV-NX16EX and KV-N32EX have 2 COM terminals, but these are shared internally.

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