Ethernet data collection unit NR-EN16

NR-EN16 - Ethernet data collection unit

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  • CE Marking
  • CSA




Connection target devices

DL-EN1 (Connected sensor: GT2 Series, GT Series, IL Series, IG Series, IB Series, IX Series, SK Series)*1
NQ-EP4L (Connected sensor: FD-Q Series,FD-R Series, FD-X Series, FD-G Series, FD-EP Series, FD-EC Series, LR-T Series, FI-1000+FI-T Series, GP-M Series)*1;
LK-G5000 Series, CL-3000 Series, LJ-V7000 Series, LJ‑X8000 Series, LS-9000 Series;
Connection of one of the above devices per NR-EN16 allowed

Connection target device identification

Automatic identification or manual identification by specifying the IP address

Communication protocols

Ethernet TCP/UDP communication, BOOTP/DHCP client supported (compatible with the above connection target devices)


Ethernet 100Base-TX (AUTO-MDI/MDIX-compatible), 1 port*2

Number of channels

16 ch max. (varies depending on connected devices)

Collection period

Maximum sampling cycle: 1 ms (1 kHz) to 60 s
With effective rate display function for communication between connected sensors*3

Buffer memory

8M data*4

Sensor power output function

• Output from power supply output connector (4-pole terminal block) (switchable between output ON and OFF)
• Output voltage: 24 VDC ±10%
• Rated current: Max. 0.6 A (switchable between 0.3 A and 0.6 A)
• Built-in overcurrent protection function: Automatic recovery, switchable between 0.35 A (typ.) and 0.70 A (typ.) protection current
• Class 2 power supply (CSA C22.2 No. 223 / UL 1310 compliant)
• Sensor power supply not insulated from system bus

Power consumption

1.6 W or less*5

Surrounding air temperature

0 to +40°C 32°F to 104°F

Operating ambient humidity

10 to 85% RH (no condensation)


Approx. 150 g 5.30 oz (including approx. 10 g 0.35 oz for the OP-88513 (NR-EN16 power supply terminal block))

*1 Multiple sensors can be connected to each DL-EN1/NQ-EP4L. The number of connectable sensors depends on the DL-EN1/NQ-EP4L.
*2 Max. expansion: 18 ports (with 18 units connected, using NR-X100W), 4 ports (with 4 units connected, using NR-500). Up to 4 units can be connected for each NR-X100W and NR-XR01 group when using the NR-X100W, with up to 18 units for all groups.
*3 The effective rate may vary depending on the connected sensor and the communication conditions.
*4 Limited by the NR-X100W buffer memory when using the NR‑X100W.
*5 When using the power supply output function, the unit power consumption is calculated as follows regardless of the actual power output (load). Set to 0.3 A output = 10.0 W; Set to 0.6 A output = 20.0 W. The power supply output function can be set using a switch on the unit body.

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