Modular Data Acquisition (DAQ) Systems

While traditional wireless data acquisition systems may be bulky, modern DAQs offer modularity. This represents the pinnacle of technological flexibility and efficiency in data capturing and analysis while enhancing portability.

KEYENCE’s modular DAQ systems are designed with modularity and portability in mind. They include interchangeable components or modules that enable your modular DAQ system to be customized. This allows them to simultaneously capture various types of data with incredible precision and accuracy.

Advantages of Modular DAQ Systems

The primary advantage of modular DAQ systems lies precisely in their modularity. KEYENCE's NR-X Series multi-input data logger pairs with eight different types of measurement unit modules designed to measure specific properties.

The choice of a particular module type significantly depends on the application's needs. This modular approach offers a cost-effective way to achieve high performance, as users only purchase the measurement unit modules they need instead of investing in an entirely new system.

Furthermore, the NR-X Series can pair up with up to 72 units at the same time (the maximum number depends on the type of unit), allowing users to collect massive amounts of data when the application demands. This type of scalability ensures a future-proof solution that adapts to the growing or changing requirements of a particular business or industry.

Key Features of Modular DAQ

Modular multi-input DAQ systems are characterized by several key features that differentiate them from stationary systems and make them highly sought after in various industrial fields. These features include:

  • Modularity and Customizability: The design of modular DAQs allows users to select and combine modules as per the needs of a specific application. Several same or different modules can be combined and used simultaneously.
  • Scalability: The modular design of KEYENCE's DAQ systems allows for easy expansion or modification by simply adding or replacing different modules. This improves scalability, thus allowing the modular DAQ system to scale up and down to meet the needs of the business.
  • High Performance: KEYENCE's modular data acquisition hardware features exceptional accuracy and precision, leading to more reliable data acquisition and analysis. This further enhances the manufacturing and production processes by offering insightful information.
  • Ease of Use: All of KEYENCE's modular DAQ systems feature user-friendly interfaces for easier setup, configuration, and data analysis, while the modular design allows for easier system hardware modifications.
  • Durability: Modular measurement units are designed for robust performance. These systems are designed to perform in challenging environments thanks to implemented vibration/shock resistance, great operational temperature range, water/dust resistance, and a NEMA type 4X enclosure for selected input modules.

Various Industry Applications of Modular Data Acquisition

Modular DAQ systems have found their application across a wide range of industrial branches, which only attest to their versatility and adaptability. Here's a short list of industries and industrial applications:

  • Manufacturing: Modular DAQ systems can perform real-time monitoring and optimization of production lines, enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring quality control.
  • Aerospace: Modular DAQ systems are used for performance testing and monitoring of aircraft components.
  • Automotive: The automotive industry often relies on modular DAQ systems to test engine performance, analyze vehicle safety systems, handle and brake handling, and determine temperature distribution using temperature data collection devices.
  • Energy Generation: Safe energy generation demands precise measurement and monitoring of crucial processes, equipment, and systems. Furthermore, modular DAQ systems play an important role in enhancing efficiency and safety in energy generation.
  • Research and Development: Flexible data acquisition capabilities of modular DAQ systems support a wide range of data collection, storage, and analysis that are suitable for experimental and testing needs.

Why Choose KEYENCE Modular DAQ Systems

KEYENCE is a global leader in precision technology, offering comprehensive data acquisition systems that offer precision, reliability, and modularity suited for industrial use.

If you're looking to upgrade your production, don't hesitate to contact KEYENCE and inquire about the integration of KEYENCE equipment with your existing manufacturing process.