Rugged Data Acquisition (DAQ) System

As the modern industry evolves into a more fast-paced, accurate, and better-optimized industrial environment, so does the need for reliable and robust data collection. KEYENCE, a global leader in precision technology, presents its line of data acquisition hardware specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern industry.

Key Features of Rugged DAQ Systems

KEYENCE's NR-XSeries environmentally resistant measurement input modules are engineered to ensure accurate, real-time data collection, even in the most challenging conditions and the harshest industrial environments. Key features include:

  • Durability: KEYENCE's rugged DAQ systems are constructed with high-quality materials and are resistant to vibration and shock, with an operating range of -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F), IP65/IP67 water/dust resistance rating, and enclosure type 4X outdoors/weather resistance.
  • High Precision: High sampling frequencies (up to 1 MHz) and A/D resolution of 24 bits ensure accurate data capture and analysis, enabling precise monitoring and control.
  • Ease of Integration: Depending on the model, rugged DAQ systems are usually standalone processing and data storage units with modular measurement units, which easily integrate into existing setups. Furthermore, they're compatible with a wide range of sensors and measuring equipment.
  • Scalability: The modular design of KEYENCE's multi-input data loggers allows for easy scalability to meet the ever-evolving data acquisition needs.
  • User-friendly Interface: Multi-input DAQs feature an intuitive GUI that provides a streamlined user experience when configuring, monitoring, and analyzing data.

Benefits of Rugged Data Acquisition Systems

Investing in KEYENCE’s rugged DAQ system offers several benefits that can significantly improve your manufacturing process.

  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Thanks to their precision and real-time data monitoring and analysis, KEYENCE’s rugged DAQs enable preventative maintenance and more effective decision-making, which minimizes downtime and increases operational efficiency.
  • Increased Data Reliability: The robust construction ensures consistent performance, even in extreme conditions, leading to more reliable data collection and analysis.
  • Cost Savings: The durability and longevity of KEYENCE’s rugged DAQ systems reduce the need for frequent replacements and maintenance of the DAQ equipment.
  • Improved Safety: Accurate and timely data helps identify potential hazards and contributes to safer working environments.

Industry Applications of Rugged DAQ Systems

Due to their versatility, the high number of channels, and their durable construction, KEYENCE’s rugged DAQs have found their use in various industrial sectors, including:

  • Manufacturing: Monitoring and enhanced control of manufacturing and production processes improves the overall quality and efficiency of production.
  • Aerospace: Wireless acquisition systems are often used to track and analyze aircraft components' performance under extreme conditions.
  • Automotive: Extensively used at nearly every step of the production process, especially when it comes to product performance and product safety.
  • Energy Production: KEYENCE’s rugged data acquisition systems are commonly used to monitor and ensure reliable operation of equipment in power generation, particularly measurements like temperature, pressure, vibrations, etc.
  • Environmental Monitoring: KEYENCE’s rugged data acquisition systems are often resistant to rain, dust, and gasses, which makes them suitable for the collection and analysis of data points tied to weather monitoring, pollution control, and resource management.

Why Choose KEYENCE Rugged DAQ Systems

By choosing KEYENCE, you gain access to a global network of technical support and service, ensuring that your data acquisition needs are met with expertise and efficiency.

If you're interested in upgrading your current manufacturing or production setups, don't hesitate to contact KEYENCE and inquire about potential integrations.