Understanding High-Speed DAQ Systems

High-speed data collection refers to the device’s ability to collect as much data in a unit of time. This often implies a high sampling rate that allows high-speed data logger systems to capture hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of data points per second. Here’s what you need to know about high-speed DAQs.

Key Features of High-Speed DAQ

Since many modern industries depend on the data captured and derived from various sensors and devices, high-speed DAQ systems have become crucial to numerous processes, mainly thanks to their ability to capture data quickly and reliably.

  • High Sampling Rate: One of the defining characteristics of high-speed DAQs is their ability to acquire and process data at exceptionally high speeds by sampling the data in a kilohertz (kHz) or even megahertz (MHz) range. This is important for applications that involve vibration measurements, ultrasonic testing, and high-frequency signal monitoring.
  • Precise Timing and Sync: Besides capturing data at high speed, high-speed DAQs must also be able to sync the captured data from multiple channels and timestamp them accordingly, which is essential for correlation analysis.
  • Wide Dynamic Range: High-speed DAQs, such as KEYENCE’s NR-X Series, work as a multi-input data logger, which means it can handle a wide range of input signals from various sensors. This versatility makes multi-input DAQs adaptable to different measurement scenarios across various industries.
  • Real-Time Data Processing: Higher-end high-speed DAQ systems feature real-time signal processing capabilities that allow fast data processing and storage.

Applications of High-Speed Data Acquisition

Thanks to the aforementioned features, high-speed DAQs found their applications across various industries:

  • Automotive Industry: High-speed DAQs are used for data acquisition of engine performance, crash testing, and even emission measurements.
  • Aerospace and Defense: High-speed DAQs are used to detect anomalies in flight testing, structural health monitoring, and vibration analysis to ensure safety, compliance, and reliable operation.
  • Manufacturing and Quality Control: Thanks to their ability to provide real-time feedback, high-speed DAQs can monitor production lines, ensuring product quality through ongoing process analysis and adjustments for optimal efficiency.
  • Electronic Manufacturing: High-speed DAQs are also used throughout electronics manufacturing, from silicon smelting to die production and PCB placement. The primary function is to measure temperature, vibration, etc.

Benefits of High-Speed Data Logger

Thanks to their high-speed data-capturing capabilities, KEYENCE’s high-speed DAQs offer a wide range of benefits to different industries, including:

  • Precision and Accuracy: High-speed DAQs need to capture data fast, with minimal distortion, while preserving signal fidelity, which is crucial for subsequent analysis and quality assurance.
  • Efficient Data Storage: High-speed DAQs typically rely on high-speed flash storage, which has to be able to store and process large volumes of data (impossible in miniaturized mechanical drives). This is paired with advanced compression methods, which maintain data integrity while minimizing data storage requirements.
  • Versatility: High-speed DAQs are capable of accommodating various sensor types, including thermocouples, strain gauges, and accelerometers. Unlike most high speed DAQs, the modular design of the NR-X Series ensures simplified wiring and setup, while its modular design promotes portability and cost-effectiveness.

Considerations for Selecting a High-Speed Voltage or Current Data Logger

When it comes to analog measurements, the most important considerations are those dictated by a specific application. For example, you need to choose an appropriate range, as well as the required sampling rate, to select the adequate sensor and capture more accurate data.

You should also consider connectivity options, such as USB or LAN (Ethernet) connectivity, and the device compatibility with different software for data extraction and subsequent analysis.

Harnessing the Potential of High-Speed Data Acquisition Systems From KEYENCE

KEYENCE offers cutting-edge DAQ systems with very high sampling rates specifically designed for precision, reliability, and ease of use across different industry-specific applications.

If you’re looking to implement a high-speed DAQ, contact KEYENCE, and we’ll be glad to answer any inquiries about integrating our products with your pre-existing manufacturing process.