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Advanced microscopes for industrial and life science applications.

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VHX-X1 series - Digital Microscope

Our flagship model within the VHX Series, this microscope delivers highest-in-class resolution with new lighting and imaging modes to bring out even the most subtle surface details. With fully-motorized operation, this system supports a wide range of imaging and analysis capabilities including elemental analysis, metallurgical analysis with new high-resolution objectives and software, a 300 mm stage for wafers and other large parts, and functions for image comparisons and automation.

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VHX-XF series - Digital Microscope

The VHX-XF Series is an all-in-one system for easily viewing, capturing, and measuring parts. This microscope incorporates many of the fundamental features of our VHX-X1 Series in a more budget-friendly package.

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VHX-7000 series - Digital Microscope

The VHX-7000 Series is a fully-automated digital microscope system that enables even novice users to capture high-resolution images that rival an SEM. The Optical Shadow Effect Mode features a combination of specially designed high-resolution lenses, a 4K CMOS, and high-performance lighting that enables minute surface details to be observed and analyzed. The seamless transition in magnification from 20x to 6000x using a motorized turret offers a stress-free observation environment. The VHX-7000 Series 4K industrial digital microscope offers the highest level of automation and best picture quality in the VHX Series. All these features and more add up to make it the best digital microscope on the market.

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EA-300 series - Laser-based Elemental Analyzer

Introducing an elemental analyzer for use with VHX microscopes. Simply place the target on the stage to perform elemental analysis with no destruction, deposition, or vacuum required. AI-based recommendations make it possible for anyone to identify materials or foreign substances.

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BZ-X series - All-in-One Fluorescence Microscope

The BZ-X Series is an all-in-one fluorescence microscope equipped with advanced observation capabilities, a fully-motorized control system for instant target acquisition, and advanced imaging and analysis functions. With a built-in darkroom and an installation area of ~ 1' x 2' the BZ-X inverted fluorescence microscope can be set up in any location for optimal testing efficiency. The high-sensitivity, cooled CCD camera can be switched between monochrome and color imaging, and supports fluorescence, brightfield, and phase contrast imaging. The large motorized stage can quickly move to the desired observation location, while high-speed auto-focusing and automatic capture conditions allow any user to easily capture publication-quality images. Additionally, the BZ-X Series all-in-one microscope is capable of three-dimensional analysis, motion analysis, and time-series quantification.

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VK-X3000 series - 3D Surface Profiler

The VK-X3000 3D Surface Profiler uses a triple scan approach, where laser confocal scanning, focus variation, and white light interferometry measurement methods are used, so that high-accuracy measurement and analysis can be performed on any target. The VK-X3000 has a resolution of 0.01 nm and can scan areas up to 50 x 50 mm (1.97" x 1.97"), allowing for measurement of the overall shape of the target while still maintaining high-resolution for analysis of minute surface features. KEYENCE's new 3D Surface Profiler can handle any target, including those with transparent or mirrored surfaces, large height changes, or steep angles.

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BC-1000 series - High Accuracy Automated Colony Counter

Automatically count colonies in just 1 second for accurate automation of microbiological testing. By integrating proprietary optics, lighting, and image-processing technologies, it becomes possible to accurately count even the tiniest colonies using a cutting-edge 20-megapixel CMOS sensor with high definition. Optimal lighting ensures that every colony is clearly visible for accurate counting while also excluding accidental counting of residue. Counting results are also converted directly into data, eliminating the need for manual transcription and ensuring reliable digital management.

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Trust KEYENCE for the most advanced microscopes available for industrial and life science applications. As the leading microscope manufacturer in the industry, we offer equipment that exceeds expectations for performance as well as ease of use. These professional microscopes provide high-resolution views of their targets that ensure the highest levels of accuracy. Our microscopes provide exceptional picture quality and automated capabilities to support numerous uses. Among the many features these include are 4k image capabilities, motorized control systems, high-speed auto-focusing and more. Our dedication to providing only the latest technologies makes us the microscope supplier that can fulfill your needs no matter what they are. No other microscope company serving the market today can do what we can.
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