New Products

At KEYENCE, terms like "World's First", "World's Fastest", "Industry First", and "Best in Class" come standard with our products. With on-site problem-solving experience accumulated since its establishment in 1974, we understand the industries we serve, enabling us to provide optimal solutions.


Measurement Systems

Multisensor Measurement System LM-X series

  • High-accuracy submicron measurement / High-speed, high-accuracy measurement
  • Measure up to 5000 locations on up to 1000 parts
  • Inspect parts with a wide-range of shape, size and material

Barcode Readers

Rugged Industrial Handheld Code Reader HR-X series

  • Instantaneous, reliable reading of challenging DPM codes
  • Faster reading performance for codes from near and far improves efficiency
  • Industrial-grade durability
  • Wireless charging eliminates terminal wear

Marking / Coding

UV Laser Coder FP-1000 series

  • No down time
  • No consumables
  • Easy use

Measurement Systems

Wide Area Coordinate Measuring Machine WM series

  • Maximum measurement range 15 m 49.2'
  • No movement restrictions with the wireless probe
  • 3D CAD comparison / CAD export


Safety Interlock Switches GS-M series

  • New hybrid door interlock
  • Easy to use
  • Install anywhere
  • Easy to integrate

Mobile Computers / Handheld Computers

Handheld Computer DX series

  • Drop resistance: 2.7 m 8.9'/3.0 m 9.8' (w/ rubber bumper)
  • Multiple attachments for any application
  • Large 6-inch and 4-inch screen option
  • Easy-to-handle design

Measurement Systems

Handheld Probe Coordinate Measuring Machine XM series

  • High-accuracy 3D measurement with a handheld probe
  • Large-area measurement with a maximum measurement size of 2 m (6.6')
  • Selectable measurement styles

Microscopes / Laser Microscopes

Laser-based Elemental Analyzer EA-300 series

  • One-click elemental analysis
  • No pre-processing or vacuum required
  • Automatically identify materials

Barcode Readers

AI-Powered Code Reader SR-X series

  • Strive for 100% read rates
  • Quickly identify the causes of errors
  • Incredibly easy for any user
  • Capture any target in any environment

Process Controls / Process Sensors

Clamp-On Flow Sensor FD-H series

  • No pipe modification, no downtime, no risk
  • Supports metal pipes, plastic pipes, high pressure hoses & tubes
  • Monitor liquid flow, fluid temperature, liquid concentration & more


Network Communication Module NQ series

  • Simplified integration
  • Intuitive software
  • Unmatched monitoring


Data Utilization Unit KV-XD02

  • Constant symptom monitoring by the PLC
  • Symptom notification before equipment stoppage
  • Identification of impacted devices

Data Acquisition

Multi-input Data Logger NR-X series

  • Wide variety of measurements from a single device
  • Easily transportable
  • Simplified wiring for simplified wiring work
  • Intuitive operation with carefully designed software

Microscopes / Laser Microscopes

3D Optical Profilometer VR-6000 series

  • High-precision 3D measurement of an entire surface in as little as 1 second
  • Rotational scanning on a wide variety of materials
  • Measure nearly any callout with a single device


Vision Sensor with Built-in AI IV3 series

  • AI-based imaging and detection for easy usability
  • All-in-one presence detection solution
  • Smart camera and compact model for use anywhere


Compact Laser Sensor LR-X series

  • Compact & robust design for use anywhere
  • Stable detection of any target
  • Unmatched ease of use
  • Integrated impact/bump alarm