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Conventional Issues Eliminated


Even when the liquid is heated and emits vapor in the tank, sensing is stable without any false detection.


Even when viscous foreign materials or metal powders adhere to the probe (sensing section), false detection is prevented.


Even when condensation forms on the probe (sensing section) due to a difference in the temperatures inside and outside of the tank, there is no worry for false detection. Liquid temperature up to 150°C 302°F* is acceptable.

* When the sanitary type is used


Even when the liquid surface has ripples caused by a mixing propeller in the tank, detection is stable without any false detection.


Even when foam forms on the surface due to mixing of the liquid, the FL Series can measure the surface immediately below the foam instead of the upper surface of the foam.


Even in environments where a coating or rust accumulates continuously on the probe (sensing section), stable sensing is ensured.


Detection is stable without being affected by any obstacles such as heaters or mixing propellers inside the tank.


Even when several different liquids are being mixed or the property of the liquid changes due to temperature variation, detection is stable.