Radar Level Sensor FR series

New Radar Level Sensor

  • 15 m (49.2′) measurement range
  • ±1 mm (±0.04″) accuracy possible
  • Completely non-contact
  • Monitor liquids or powders
  • Unaffected by build-up, ripples, foam, etc.

FR series - Radar Level Sensor

The FR Series uses radar technology to accurately detect and monitor tank level on both liquids and powders. This series can detect up to 15 m (49.2′) with standard, chemical and sanitary options available. The FR Series is also unaffected by environmental factors like turbulence, steam and dust.


Radar technology

Non-Contact with Stable Detection

The FR Series is completely non-contact with a measurement range of up to 15 m (49.2′). The latest in radar technology allows for stable detection in nearly any application. Additional functionality has also been developed to ensure reliable detection in the most challenging situations.

Mount Anywhere

The FR Series can be mounted anywhere without any limitations. Unlike typical level sensors that have rigid mounting requirements, the FR Series offers versatile mounting to meet the needs of any application. No more false detections caused by incorrect mounting.

  • 1
    Tank structure doesn’t matter
  • 2
    Obstructions don't matter

Install in Any Environment

Many level sensor technologies have significant issues with their environment. The FR Series can handle a variety of harsh environmental conditions, such as steam, smoke, dust, etc..




Detect Any Target

The FR Series has the benefit of using radar so different targets do not play a factor in detection. The FR Series can detect a wide range of mediums such as water, chemicals, oils, and even powders.





Big 360° indicator light

Understanding at a Glance

Easily determine current level status by glancing at the bright indicator lights. No more having to access the HMI/PLC program to understand current level status.

Easy Installation for Any Tank Application

Regardless of which style tank may be used, there are plenty of pre-made bracket options to choose from.
These brackets are strong, easy to install, and inexpensive.

Ferrule mounting bracket

Side mounting bracket

Clamp mounting bracket

Offset mounting bracket

Flange mounting bracket

Compact mounting bracket