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Vision Sensor

IV series

Automotive Industry

Unbeatable Performance in Automation and Sensing Applications.

O-ring presence and part judgement

The ultra compact model is so small that it is possible to install in exisiting systems - even if space is limited. Conventionally, narrow spaces have been a major hinderance to sensor installation. Also, thanks to our new wide lens, it is possible to view a wide area even a close mounting distance.

Differentiate between the front and back of parts

In addition to its small size, the cable direction can be changed anywhere within a range of 330° of rotation. This provides an even higher degree of freedom for installing the IV Series vision sensor.

Spring presence detection

Detects missed spring insertions during the assembly process
The IV Series can detect up to 16 distinct features at the same time, which makes it possible to perform detections of spring presence and rubber packing direction with a single sensor.
It's possible to confirm overall assembly with just one sensor.

Button assembly defect detection

Uses color areas to detect missing buttons and incorrect parts
The IV Series is standard-equipped with a position adjustment function, so even if workpieces are misaligned during conveyance, it is possible to perform stable detections by searching for the detection target on the screen.

Vehicle model detection by engraving differences

Detects different vehicle models by way of engravings
The IV Series can even perform stable detections of engraved metal surfaces, which are very difficult to detect due to their non-uniform reflection.
Thanks to KEYENCE's patent-pending HS-HDR function, it is now possible to eliminate unevely reflected light even on moving objects.

Seal front/back detection

Detects the front or back of seals
Our newly developed shape tool can reliably detect the difference betweeen grooves on different parts, even in conditions where there is no difference in color or light reflection amongst the parts. This eliminates the need to fine tune the settings after installing the sensor.

Instrument panel clip presence detection

Detects the presence of instrument panel clips with a single sensor
The IV Series can detect up to 16 features at the same time over a wide area of 550 x 412 mm. Therefore, it is possible to use a single sensor to check several points that conventionally required multiple sensors.

Headlight lighting confirmation

Uses color area tool to check lighting
The new wide lens provides detection over a wider field of view - even when the sensor is mounted at a short distance. In addition, the sensor head is ultra compact, thus making it possible to fit into extremely tight areas.

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