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Vision Sensor

IV series

Electronics Industry

Unbeatable Performance in Automation and Sensing Applications.

Capacitor print presence detection

Detects missing print on capacitors
Small text, which is typically difficult to detect, is easy for the IV Series to confirm. Also, the dedicated processor was developed to be capable of high-speed processing. This means the IV Series achieves stable detection even when inspecting fast-moving production lines.

Remote control lighting confirmation

Color tool detects button illumination
The IV Series is now equipped with an ultra wide field of view. Combined with the ability to detect 16 unique features at the same time, it is now possible to inspect several buttons simultaneously.

Connector lock confirmation

Inspects whether or not connectors are locked
The IV Series can be use used to prevent defects resulting from products being shipped without fully locked connectors. Our shape tool is capable of searching for patterns throughout the entire field of view.

Electrical component presence and direction detection

Detects presence and direction of IC in carrier tape
Using the position adjustment tool, the IV Series can reliably detect the IC, even if it is misaligned in the carrier tape. Also, the high speed processor allows detection without slowing down the processing time of the unit.

Circuit board mounting check

Checks part presence on PCB
All IV Series models are capable of recognizing 16 distinct features at the same time. With the wide field of view models, it is possible to confirm the installation of multiple parts on a PCB board simultaneously. Furthermore, up to 32 different programs can be created per sensor, which allows for easy transitions between product lines.

Part presence check within trays

Detects missing IC parts within trays
The IV Series now ultra small, which makes it possible to install in existing machinery. As industrial processes continue to be miniaturized, space-saving solutions will become even more important. Also, thanks to our newly developed wide field of view lens, it is possible to inspect a wider area even at a shorter mounting distance.

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