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CA-L series

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Lenses (for Machine Vision) CA-L series

(for Machine Vision)

Vision system peripheral equipment


CA-L series - Lenses (for Machine Vision)

The KEYENCE lens lineup provides the flexibility to tackle all camera installation and application needs. Choose from features such as high resolution, low distortion, IP rated, telecentric, and space saving lenses to achieve desired setups and sharp images. This series also includes lens filters such as polarizing, sharp cut, and blue cut to support stable imaging by reducing ambient influences. Protective filters ensure a long service life of the lens by preventing damage from debris and maintenance.

Wide Lineup of Lenses to Fit Different Applications

The kind of total solution that can only be offered by a manufacturer of image processing technology.
This varied lineup has lenses that offer features from ultra-high-resolution to vibration-resistance, so our customers can find the right lens to meet their needs.

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