Customizable Vision System

XG-X series

XG-X 3D Applications

The XG-X 3D Machine Vision system enables quality inspection not possible with laser profile measurement alone.

Bead inspection for width, height, and volume

Conventional laser displacement sensors measure height, but have difficulty with area or volume measurement.

With the flexible XG-X 3D vision system, height, width, volume, and other inspections are possible.

Flatness measurement

Conventional contact and laser displacement sensors have difficulty with stable measurement due to warped or unseated parts.

The XG-X 3D vision system can correct for overall product variations and perform stable measurement.

Weld shape inspection

Conventional 2D area cameras have difficulty inspecting weld beads due to low contrast, inconsistent coloring, glare, or surface warpage.

XG-X 3D vision system performs stable inspection without being influenced by varying surface conditions.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Conventional 2D area cameras have difficulty reading raised characters due to printed background images and patterns.

With the XG-X 3D vision system, OCR is possible by detecting the height of the characters.

Inspection of soldering bridge and volume

Conventional 2D area cameras have difficulty due to the Influence of PCB patterns and soldered surface conditions.

The XG-X 3D vision system can reliably inspect presence, bridge and volume of soldering.


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