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Flowchart programming offers designers flexibility in bringing their concepts to life.

Industry’s widest variety

Control commands allow for seamless interaction between the vision system and a machine’s controls or PLC. Commands like program switching, image capture, reset, start/stop operation log, changing to a different displayed image, zooming in on a defect based on an inspection result, or saving image data for a certain part failure are all possible. These commands can even be automated as part of the program flowchart, and custom commands can be created to combine specified built-in commands into a single command.


System control
Common commands include: program switching, image save, trigger input enable/disable, mode switching (run/stop), reset, write variables, clear history data, export history data, image capture, start/stop operation log

User interaction
Common commands include: open/close dialog boxes, image switching, image zoom, image scroll, change password, switch user accounts

Industry’s widest variety

Up to 5000 characters per single calculation

Calculations and scripts are also essential in customization. The XG-X Series allows for over 150 different functions and commands that can be quickly created by dragging functions from the parts list. An auto-complete function and error location display help reduce troubleshooting time due to syntax errors.


The trace log function is a great tool to help with processing and I/O troubleshooting. Giving integrators and developers the capability for checking and monitoring the sequencing of units being processed, I/O signals and commands. The results display can be split and the processing time for each unit along with other information can be easily displayed. The trace log can also be saved and be used at a later date as a reference guide.

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