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Accelerate Your
Inspection, Now!

Powerful, High-Speed Controller
and High-Resolution Camera Lineup


Customizable Vision System XG-X Series

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Flexibility Made Possible by
The Fastest Performance in the Industry

Abundant processing power is available even with multiple camera connections, including the 21 megapixel color camera, line scan cameras, or 3D cameras.

  • [DSP + CPU cores] 14 built-in cores, [Processing speed] 3× Compared with conventional models, [Memory capacity] 2× Compared with conventional models / [DSP + CPU] 7 cores for arithmetic operation, 2 cores for display, 3 cores for control / [CPU] 2 cores for display and control
  • 21 megapixel color camera flaw inspection processing speed, [XG-8700] 70.3 ms, [XG-X2700] 21.9 ms, Faster by approx. 1/3 the processing time

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Offering the Best Solution with
The Industry's Fastest Cameras

KEYENCE provides a full lineup of the industry's fastest cameras to solve the most challenging inspections in manufacturing.

  • 01 2D Area Cameras

    Color and monochrome area cameras up to 21 megapixel resolution

    0.31 megapixels / 21 megapixels

  • 02 LumiTrax™

    3D defect and feature inspection


    Laser Dimensional Inspection

  • 04 Line Scan Cameras

    Wide area or rotating cylinder inspections

  • 05 Vision-Guided Robots

    Direct communication with many manufacturers, the industry's largest selection

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