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Customizable Vision System

XG-X series

Line Camera

Complete Ultra-Compact, High-Speed Line Scan Camera Solution

1. Detect the smallest defects at high speeds not possible with area cameras.

Extremely high resolution images with up to 67 megapixels (8192 x 8192) transmitted 16 times faster than conventional models.
Inspections requiring multiple area cameras can be replaced with just 1 line scan camera with uniform lighting conditions.

[Entire target] 370 mm 14.57" = 8192 pixels / 0.5 mm 0.02" defect (about 10 pixels)

2. Easy setup with Brightness and Sharpness LED Indicators built in to ensure appropriate lighting and focus.

The typically difficult task of obtaining the correct camera mounting is made easy using visual LED indicators right on the camera that show the level of light intensity and sharpness being received. This drastically reduces the amount of time needed for line scan camera installation.

LED indicators on the back of the camera display the focus and intensity information of the image currently being captured using a 3-level indicator. The individual threshold levels can be user specified in order to obtain the best results under the specific application conditions.

3. Adjust for light variation in the Waveform Viewer for even intensity across the field of view.

[Before correction] Uneven lighting has caused the left side of the captured image to become dark. [After correction] Image correction is executed after capture based off reference levels. After correction, an image is created that has even intensity across the entire field of view.

Uneven brightness is typical when performing wide range image capture with line scan cameras. The built-in waveform viewer on the XG-X displays the intensity information of the image captured by the camera.

The shading correction function of the XG-X can be used to adjust for an uneven lighting condition across the field of view. Shading correction is performed in the camera before the image transfer so it does not have an effect on the total cycle time which can be critical with high speed production lines.

4. Capture a quality image in 4 easy steps!

[STEP1] Connect the camera to the controller / The XG-X all-in-one line scan solution allows for quick setup by capturing images as soon as it is connected to the controller. [STEP2] Set capture conditions / All parameters related to image capture are located in the Capture Unit of the XG program. The settings are easily configured with built-in definitions and examples in the software. [STEP3] Adjust focus and aperture / Adjust the physical properties of the lens utilizing the LED indicators located on the back of the camera for reference. [STEP4] Correct for inconsistent image brightness / Misalignment of the light or target can cause uneven lighting in the image. Using the intensity waveform that has been generated in the waveform viewer as reference, correction can be performed before the image data is transferred to the controller.

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