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BorgWarner: Built-In Camera Provides Auto Focus and 2D Code Verification

Auto Focus | 2D Code Verification

BorgWarner is a global leader in powertrain solutions. They focus on developing leading powertrain technologies that improve fuel economy, emissions, and performance. BorgWarner finds the MD-X Series with hybrid technology, a combination of YVO4 and Fiber, to be extremely beneficial to their company with the auto-focus function and built-in barcode reader.

Initially BorgWarner was using a pin stamper to mark their aluminum cast housing parts. They mark part numbers, date stamps, serial numbers, and customer part information along with a matching barcode on each part. They first started putting barcodes on products for internal purposes to track quality and return. Soon after, customers started using the barcodes for their own purposes and started rejecting parts because they couldn't read the barcodes marked by the pin stamper.

BorgWarner decided they needed to come up with a solution to replace the pin stamper with something that could provide a clear mark so the barcode could be read without a problem. After talking to one of the sensor reps about KEYENCE laser markers, they decided to bring one in for a demo. The KEYENCE MD-X not only provided them with the high-quality mark they were looking for, but also has unique features that helped to save time and increase productivity on the assembly line.

The built-in camera makes it possible to perform automatic focusing without the use of any external devices. This auto-focus function allows BorgWarner to get a clear mark on parts that may vary in height which can be difficult to achieve with a conventional laser marker.

Previously BorgWarner had to use a handheld barcode reader on the line before the parts were put into boxes. The built-in camera allows them to verify that the barcode is correct and readable before it gets put into a box, so they know it is not going to get returned.

Around the BorgWarner facility, you can find thousands of KEYENCE sensors as well as several laser measurement systems. Now they have four total laser markers with another MD-X system on the way. Shawn Oakes, the Senior Manufacturing Engineer, states “adding the vision inside of the laser marker was really a big deal for us and also the auto-focus. Those two things together will keep us a customer for a while”.



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