Portable Data Acquisition (DAQ) Systems

Portable data acquisition systems (DAQs) are compact, mobile, and modular data acquisition instruments that can read (sense), collect, condition, store, and visualize data in legible form. Portable DAQs are indispensable tools when monitoring existing processes to provide preventative maintenance or troubleshooting, or for R&D and testing tasks.

Unlike massive stationary units, portable DAQs come with fully integrated data storage, battery packs for autonomous operation, and network connectivity for remote access. They’re also equipped with signal conditioning and processing capabilities designed to keep the signal quality noise-free for the highest-quality data acquisition.

Features of Portable DAQ Systems

Portable DAQ systems are designed to be lightweight and small, which makes them easier to transport. For example, KEYENCE’s NR-X DAQ system covers all the functions of multi-input data loggers while also being the smallest device in its class, which aids portability.

Additionally, the main unit comes with a modular processing unit for different types of measurements, eliminating the need to carry the whole pre-assembled unit out into the field. Just select the unit or units you require for a particular type of measurement.

The system can perform multi-channel measurements using up to 576 channels, and it comes with a high-capacity lithium-ion battery that ensures up to 800 minutes of data collection. However, if you’re looking for an even lighter device, KEYENCE’s NR-500 Series multi-input DAQ is designed with PC compatibility in mind, allowing you to record data from a distance using USB connectivity.

Of course, both devices feature integrated signal conditioning, high-resolution measurements, and accurate data capture, ensuring reliable results.

Industry-Specific Applications of Portable Data Logger

Thanks to their portability and versatility—the latter of which is facilitated by multi-input data collection—portable data loggers have found their applications across numerous industries. For example, they’re regularly used in environmental research for monitoring air and water quality, in manufacturing industries for on-site machine monitoring and quality control, and in energy production for monitoring wind turbine performance, solar panel outputs, etc.

The list of industry-specific applications doesn’t end there, especially since portable DAQs are also used by manufacturing, agriculture, construction, healthcare, and automotive industries.

Benefits of Portable Data Acquisition Systems

Portable DAQs offer the same benefits as their stationary counterparts but with the added bonus of portability and modular design. As seen in the previous section, portable DAQs are used in a wide range of industry-specific applications, which attests to their flexibility and versatility in data collection.

They’re also used for real-time data collection and analysis, which enables immediate decision-making based on enhanced, high-resolution data capture and integrated signal conditioning. This is particularly true since the NR-X Series comes with a built-in screen that allows for immediate data analysis, which saves on additional measurement costs, like time and trip.

Portable DAQs can be a cost-effective solution for capturing several different types of data on the go. Their modular design implies that you only need the central data collection unit and the signal processing units that capture the data you wish to collect.

This reduces the need for a complex, multi-input data acquisition system that also offers measurements you’re not interested in collecting, recording, and analyzing. If the need for a specific measurement arises, you only need to complement your devices with an additional processing unit module that enables you to collect that measurement data.

Why Choose KEYENCE Portable DAQ Systems

KEYENCE offers a comprehensive range of sensors, data loggers, and data acquisition systems, particularly the NR-X Series, the world’s smallest portable DAQ in its category. If you’re interested in purchasing a portable DAQ and additional signal processing units, don’t hesitate to contact KEYENCE.