Medical Industry

The medical industry is integral to society. But high stakes follow such importance. Because of this, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) tightly regulates the medical industry to ensure device accuracy, device traceability, and overall patient protection.

Measurement accuracy is necessary for compliance and patient safety in the medical industry, and measurement quality cannot be compromised for speed. As a result, long manufacturing and measuring times are common in the industry.

To combat this issue, The KEYENCE IM Series Instant Measurement System (IM) offers an efficient solution that ensures precision while ensuring regulatory compliance. The use of the IM Series in the medical industry is a way to ensure precise measurements in a fraction of the time it takes to use conventional measuring methods.
As a result, medical manufacturers and practitioners can access faster turnaround for devices that fit patients perfectly and adhere to FDA standards. In this blog, we’ll explore how using instant measurement for medical devices improves the industry’s challenges.

Instant Measurement Offers Precision

In the medical industry, measurement precision is necessary, but the non-geometric shapes and sizes of medical devices add a unique challenge when measuring. Using the IM in the medical industry is a guaranteed means to optimal accuracy and repeatability. At KEYENCE, one of the instant measurement systems for the medical industry, the LM-X, is a hyper accurate multi-sensor measurement system. It uses built-in edge detection software with automatic focus and lighting to gather precise measurements at the press of a button.

Quicker Prototyping

As technology and medical research advance, devices for patients to improve comfort, longevity, and integration into the body is necessary. One aspect of personalizing these devices is ensuring the implant or prosthetic is the perfect size for the patient. However, this process can be tedious and take months for delivery.

Nonetheless, using KEYENCE’s Instant Measurement Systems to measure in the medical industry takes just three seconds. It has a user-friendly interface that anyone can use to speed up delivery turnaround. With an automated and efficient way to measure and store data, the prototype iteration process moves quicker. Manufacturers and medical professionals can create the perfect size prototype in a fraction of the time.

KEYENCE’s Instant Measurement Systems

In the highly regulated and quickly growing medical device industry, accuracy and compliance are necessary to produce best-practice patient devices. The Instant Measurement Systems in the medical industry are the key to more innovative device designs and ensuring the current designs stay aligned.

With the ability to produce 360-degree measurements in seconds, KEYENCE’s LM-X Series Multisensor Measurement System and IM-8000 Series Image Dimension Measurement System are industry tools that cannot be passed up.

If you’re ready to integrate instant measurement for medical device measurement, Contact us today.

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