Sensor Amplifier Expansion unit IX-1050

IX-1050 - Sensor Amplifier Expansion unit

*Please note that accessories depicted in the image are for illustrative purposes only and may not be included with the product.

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CAD Data

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  • CE Marking
  • CSA




Main unit / expansion unit

Expansion unit


Min. display unit

10 µm*1

Display range

±999.99 to ±999 mm (with 4 selectable steps)*1


Scan mode

Height, Height difference, Max./Min., Height difference calculation, Thickness calculation, Height detection, Monochromatic detection, Position adjustment
(Max. number of settings) Detection: 16 tools, Position adjustment: 1 tool*2

Line mode

Height (Ave./Max./Min.) , Height difference (Ave./Max./Min.) , Height difference calculation, Thickness calculation, Position adjustment, Tilt correction
(Max. number of settings) Detection: 16 tools, Position adjustment: 1 tool, Alignment adjustment: 1 tool*2

Other functions


ZERO/offset, Operating threshold adjustment, 2-point calibration, Measurement direction, Position correction NG measurement,
Zero/offset recording,Capture mode (HDR) Sensor date/time Information addition, N.O./N.C. switching, I/O monitor,
Automatic brightness adjustment, Lighting (ON/OFF) , Total judgment conditions,NPN/PNP switching, Simultaneous main unit/expansion unit input, Light interference prevention, Security

Scan mode

Measurement range, Measurement position (small/standard/large) , Measurement mode, Measurement noise elimination,
Imaging mode (high gain) , Tilt correction (fixed or real-time correction) , Glare removal, Trigger input (internal/external) ,
Trigger interval, Trigger delay, Trigger error, Monochrome histogram, Fixed reference area, Mask outline, Rotation range

Line mode

Average count, Laser position adjustment, Timing input, Head tilt correction (fixed only), Ambient light removal for measurement, HOLD function, Alarm setting, Measurement method (Ave./Max./Min.)



Non-voltage input/voltage input is switchable
For non-voltage input: ON voltage 2 V or lower, OFF current 0.1 mA or lower, ON current 2 mA (short circuit)
For voltage input: Maximum input rating 26.4 V, ON voltage 18 V or higher, OFF current 0.2 mA or lower, ON current 2 mA (for 24 V)

Number of inputs

8 (IN1 to IN8)


IN1: External trigger up/down timing, IN2 to IN8: Enable by assigning optional functions
Assignable functions: Program switching, Laser emission stop, Zero/offset (batch) , Reset (error only) , Reset (judgment value only) Reset (judgment value and error)



Open collector output; NPN/PNP switchable, N.O./N.C. switchable
For open collector NPN output: Maximum rating of 26.4 V, 50 mA (20 mA when linked to an expansion unit) , residual voltage of 1.5 V or less
For open collector PNP output: Maximum rating of 26.4 V, 50 mA (20 mA when linked to an expansion unit) , residual voltage of 2 V or less

Number of inputs

10 (OUT1 to OUT10)


Enable by assigning the optional functions
Assignable functions: Total judgment result (All OK, Any OK/NG) , run, busy, error, position adjustment result, tilt correction result,
Monochromatic detection/Height detection tool result (OK/NG) , Height/height difference/Max./Min./calculation tool result (OK/NG/HIGH/LO) , Alarm

Analog voltage output

Not available

Analog current output

Number of programs


Statistical information

Scan mode: Measured value / Degree of similarity (Max., Min., Ave.), Processing time (Latest, Max., Min., Ave.), Count (Number of OKs / Number of NGs / Number of triggers)
Line mode: Measured value / Degree of similarity (Max., Min., Ave.), Count (Number of OKs / Number of NGs / Number of triggers)*1*3

Detection record

Number of storage

Scan mode

80 images (FTP/SFTP Client function: Enable)
100 images (FTP/SFTP Client function: Disable)

Line mode

400 images (FTP/SFTP Client function: Enable)
500 images (FTP/SFTP Client function: Disable)

Detection history

Save conditions

NG only/All is selectable*4

FTP/SFTP data transfer (FTP/SFTP client function)

Transfer Destination

FTP/SFTP server

Transfer format

bmp/jpeg/txt is selectable

Transfer Condition

4 conditions
All / Total status result (OK/NG) / Result for each tool (OK/(NG and ALM)) is selectable



Not available


Interface compatibility

CC-Link / DeviceNet® / EtherNet/IP™ / EtherCAT / RS-232C / BCD / PROFINET / PROFIBUS / TCP/IP output*5

Number of connectible units

Main units: 1, Expansion units: 1, Communication units (DL) : 1


Power voltage

Supplied from main unit

Current consumption

Max. 1.9 A or less (With main unit only: 0.8 A or less, With unit expansion: 1.9 A or less) (Excluding output load)*6

Environmental resistance

Ambient temperature

0 to +50°C 32 to 122°F (No freezing)

Relative humidity

35 to 85 % RH (No condensation)


Main unit case: PC/Power connector: PA, POM/Analog output connector: PA, POM/I/O connector: PA/
Head connector: Zinc + Ni plating, PA/Ethernet connector: Copper alloy + Ni plating/
Rear heat sink: Aluminum/Main unit rear DIN rail fixing tab: POM/Nameplate: PC


Approx. 190 g

*1 For displaying on an IX Series control panel or PC software.
*2 Configurable for each program.
*3 When sample hold (edge), peak/bottom/P-P hold (level/edge) is set.
*4 Saves to the inner memory of sensor amplifier. The detection history saved in the sensor amplifier can be copied to PC as a backup by using the PC software or the USB mounted on the control panel for IX series.
*5 When a DL Series device is used. Contact KEYENCE for information on other interfaces.
*6 Includes a DL Series communication unit.

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