Image-Based Laser Sensor IX series

Height-Based Inspection Throughout an Entire Area

  • Camera-based image recognition for specifying measurement locations
  • Laser-based height inspection at specified location

IX series - Image-Based Laser Sensor

IX Series image-based laser sensors can measure height anywhere within the area. Camera-based image recognition allows the laser to detect the height of the target point even when workpieces are not perfectly aligned on the production line. The height of where the laser hits the target will vary if the target is tilted or if the target itself is different, but the IX Series can identify the difference in height against the reference. For example, in a parts assembly line, a single IX Series unit can not only check for the presence of parts but also perform seating checks and other height-based inspections. Thanks to its ability to detect height differences, the IX Series is also free from false detections and errors in the presence of glare from glossy surfaces of metal parts or when the detection target point has the same color as the background, offering stable automatic inline differentiation.


  • Screws

  • Connector pins

  • Incorrect adhesive application detection

  • Crankshaft difference inspection


Unreliable Detection with Conventional Image-Sensors, but Stable Detection with the IX-H

Conventional Image-Sensors

Low contrast targets result in difficult detection

For targets with similar colors or materials, the difference between light and dark is not always clear, which can result in unstable detection.


Target contrast does not matter

Height-based detection ensures stable results even when there is low contrast between the target and background.

Unreliable Detection with Conventional Laser-Sensors, but Stable Detection with the IX-H

Conventional Laser-Sensors

Variations in position and orientation results in incorrect detection

Variations in target position and orientation can cause the spot where the laser hits the target to change, resulting in incorrect detection.


Position Adjustment tool tracks misaligned targets

The camera follows the position, orientation, and placement of the target, making it possible to identify the target location for every target.