Mouse Cerebral Cortical Neuron Spine

Advanced observation delivers high-resolution images

A mouse cerebral cortex (DIV21) is immunostained with GFP antibody to observe it. This process makes it possible to observe the shape of the spine.

Z-stack → Fully focused in the thickness direction

Fully focused in the thickness direction (Z-stack)

Conventional problems

With conventional microscopes, it is not possible to view images clearly due to noise after magnifying the details.
Also, thick samples like spines generate out-of-focus images, making it difficult to observe them clearly.

Using the All-in-One Fluorescence Microscope BZ-X800

  • The cooled monochrome camera enables low-noise observation with high sensitivity.
  • Thanks to the camera’s high resolution, the clarity of the original image is not lost even after partial magnification or clipping, enabling you to observe even microscopic structures clearly.