Safety Interlock Switches GS series

Achieve the Top Safety Standards. PLe / Category4 / SIL3 / Type4

Machine Safety Made Simple

GS series - Safety Interlock Switches

Safety interlock switches are safety devices used for checking whether movable machine guarding such as doors, fences, and covers are opened or closed. KEYENCE’s GS Series Safety Interlock Switches are available in locking type—either power-to-release (GS-50) or power-to-lock (GS-70) models—and non-contact type (GS-10). Both types feature a slim-yet-rugged design with an enclosure rating that ensures usability, even when exposed to water or oil (IP65/67/69K). The GS Series not only offers superior safety but also the usability and reliability required for manufacturing facilities without hindering productivity.


Intuitive Design

  • Compact size to maximize versatility
  • Robust construction prevents damage to ensure longevity
  • Highly visible indicators to easily identify status at a glance

Versatile Mounting

  • Mount directly to the machine or choose from dedicated brackets
  • Locking type and non-contact models available
  • Designed to prevent nuisance trips related to door sag, vibration, and more

Seamless Integration

  • Additional AUX output available on each unit
  • Simplified wiring through cascading
  • Integrated OSSD wires with available EDM & manual reset