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High-Speed, High-Precision, Wide-Area Static Elimination Blower

SJ-F2000/5000 series

Low Maintenance with Continuous High Static Elimination Ability

Saving on Maintenance Costs; Up To 3 Times Compared with Conventional Models

Low maintenance with continuous high static elimination ability

Low Maintenance

By incorporating KEYENCE’s unique I.C.C. control method, the degradation of static elimination resulting from wear or buildup on the probes is reduced, saving on maintenance costs; up to 3 times compared with conventional models.

Low Maintenance

Straightforward Maintenance Structure*

Straightforward maintenance structure

The front cover connected to the electrode unit can be removed with one hand. Cleaning of the electrode probes is also quick and easy. Furthermore, no tools are required to exchange the electrode unit, allowing a safe and rapid changeover.
*SJ-F2000 Series

Compact Installation

Compact Installation

A compact body has become a reality by adopting specially designed louvers. While being a space-saving compact device, the SJ-F Series is still capable of a wide static elimination range.

Arm-mounting Option

Arm-mounting Option

KEYENCE has prepared a specialized mounting bracket that directly attaches to “VESA standard” mounting arms, such as those used for liquid crystal displays. For example, by mounting the device using a workbench pole, that static eliminator can be used in limited spaces.
(SF-F2000 Series: OP-87149, SJ-F5000 Series: OP-87150)

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