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Newsletter 2022

January 03, 2022

Subject :

Let Your New Year's Resolution Be High-Resolution

Read All Your Barcodes in 4K and Beyond!
KEYENCE'S SR-5000 Series boasts a 16.8 megapixel camera, ultra-wide field of view, and multiple decoding cores to make it the most capable and stable barcode reading system available today.
Ultra-High Definition Profile Measurement with Automatic Correction Function
For inline measurement, the effects of vibrations and eccentricity can pose problems. The profile auto-correction function eliminates such effects to ensure highly accurate 3D measurement.
A Coordinate Measuring Machine as Easy to Use as Calipers
Calipers are an attractive choice for simple measurements, but are insufficient when it comes to more complicated measurements. The XM Series is as easy to use as calipers and can even perform complex 3D measurements.
KEYENCE Lighting for Stable Image Creation and Inspection
Choosing the right lighting is an integral part of any vision project. KEYENCE makes lighting every target easy with our one-of-a-kind advanced lighting solutions.
Solve Vision Sensor Problems with an Image-based Laser Sensor
Many vision sensor problems are caused by ambient light or shadows. The IX Series enables stable detection by using an integrated camera and laser to avoid these and other problems.
Laser Markers: Material-Based Selection Guide
Lasers can mark metals, resins, ceramics, and more. However, different wavelengths excel at marking certain materials. Learn how to match the right wavelength to the desired material in this guide.
Energy Savings - Clamp-On Air/Gas Flow Meter
Monitor compressed air & gases throughout your facility
- Completely non-invasive
- Utilize on pipes 3/4"-8"
- Cost savings through compressor optimization, leakage Identification, etc.
Introduction to White Light Interferometry
This introductory guide includes basic information on the principles of white light interferometry, key points to note for measurement, and application examples.