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Newsletter 2022

May 23, 2022

Subject :

[NEW] Inspection System Gets a Major Update

[NEW] Handheld CMM Gets a Major Update
Our new XM-5000 will transform the way you measure parts. The portable, shop-floor CMM has never been so versatile. Click to see the capabilities!
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[NEW] Complete Process Monitoring with New Clamp-on Flow Meter
Extend beyond flow sensing to understand your full system. Consolidate monitoring of the following into one, easy to read display:
- Flow of Any Liquid
- Fluid Concentration
- Temperature
- Liquid Level
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Eliminate Downtime with a Self Troubleshooting Inkjet
At the push of a button, KEYENCE’s continuous inkjet printer can automatically diagnose and take the proper corrective actions to restore printer status. See brochure for more info.
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Simplify Logistics Operations with a Handheld Computer
Tired of getting on and off forklifts to read barcodes? Simplify operations and improve efficiency with the BT-A700’s ability to read codes instantly up to 10 meters away.
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A Comprehensive Guide to Automated Lithium-Ion Battery Inspection
KEYENCE non-contact measurement is used in battery production lines around the globe. This resource includes examples of how to help improve quality and yield rates across a wide ranges of processes.
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High-Accuracy In-Line 3D Inspection with the XT System
Image precision components in 2D and 3D to accuracies of ten micron using the XT. This in-line inspection system is calibrated out of the box and requires little to no setup.
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The Ultimate Poka-Yoke Tool
3rd generation vision sensor uses Learning Mode powered by Artificial Intelligence to make setup simple. No prior vision experience needed. Ask us for a demo now!
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Advantages of Digital Microscopes over Optical Microscopes
See why customers are switching from optical to digital microscopes!
- Larger depth-of-field
- Advanced lighting & focusing
- Wide magnification range
- and more!
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