Measuring the Cardiac Fibrosis of Macaca Fascicularis (Crab-eating Macaque)

Automatic batch measurement

Fibrosis is a condition where tissues stiffen due to the deposition of collagen fibers. As fibrosis progresses, normal organ function deteriorates.

Hybrid Cell Count

Hybrid Cell Count

Hybrid Cell Count

Area (total):577,439,588 µm2
Area (fibrotic area):47,847,466 µm2
Area percentage:8.3%

Image stitching
Up to 50,000 × 50,000 pixels can be joined together easily to capture a clear image without stitch lines or brightness variations. Additionally, it is possible to accurately quantify information such as fluorescent signal intensity.

Objective lens: CFI Plan Apo λ 4x
Image stitching: 20 images × 12 images

Using the All-in-One Fluorescence Microscope BZ-X800

  • When a slice of the target is too large to fall within a single field of view, images are captured while moving the stage and a high-resolution image can be created by stitching these images.
  • Even for tilted specimens or specimens that have height differences, it is possible to create an image in which the entire specimen is in focus. This is accomplished by capturing multiple images in the Z direction and stitching together only the parts that are in focus.
  • Hybrid Cell Count can extract only tumoral areas from the entire section and calculate the ratio automatically.