Evaluating Structure of Composite Materials

Built-in darkroom, compact design

Fluorescent observation of carbon fibers

Composite materials such as carbon fibers and cellulose are attracting attention under increasing needs for weight reduction.
At a glance, these materials are solid black and how they are mixed cannot be evaluated.
Even with microscopy, fibers and other materials cannot be distinguished in brightfields.
But, there is a way to check how such composite materials are mixed.

Using the All-in-One Fluorescence Microscope BZ-X800

  • By using fluorescence, it is possible to distinguish between carbon fibers and other components according to whether they shine.
  • Fluorescence observation can be performed easily because no darkroom is necessary.
  • We can offer unprecedented analytic techniques, including analysis of the length, directionality, and mixing condition of carbon fibers as well as evaluations of product status after use.
  • Furthermore, the cell count function enables, for example, area measurement of carbon fibers.