Clamp-on Flow Sensor

FD-Q series

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1. Mounting and Integration

The FD-Q can be mounted in 60 seconds without any pipe modification. The unit clamps on to the outside of a pipe with 6 standard screws and can even be done without shutting the machine down.

2. Liquids and Pipes

The FD-Q series can detect virtually any type of liquid. This includes the flow of water (including deionized), oils, chemicals, consumer products, etc. This detection is possible through both metal and resin pipes.

3. Benefits Of Clamp-On

Contamination, pressure loss, leaks, continual maintenance and machine downtime are all risks associated with conventional flow sensors that are avoided with the FD-Q series.

4. Network with Optional Controller

The MU-N allows for communication over an industrial network, like EtherNet/IP. This unit also provides a remote display and the ability to store sensor settings.

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  • NU series - Network Communication Unit

    Compatible sensors are photoelecttric sensor PS-N series, fiber sensor FS-N series and laser sensor LV-N series.

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