Clamp-on Flow Meter

FD-R series

1. Mounting and Integration

  • Clamp-On the Outside of a Pipe
  • No Pipe Modification
  • No Downtime
  • Easily Secure with 4 or 6 Screws
  • Bracket Ensures Correct Mounting by Anyone

Mounting and Integration

2. Versatility for Any Situation

  • Monitor Water, DI Water, Oils, Chemicals, Product, etc.
  • Mount to Stainless, Iron, Copper, PVC, Resin, etc.
  • Precise Monitoring with Accuracy of ±2.0% of RD
  • Integrated Temperature Monitoring
  • AC/DC Compatibility

Versatility for Any Situation

3. Significant Reduction in Time and Costs

  • No Loss of Production During Installation
  • No Special Knowledge, Tools, or Contractors Needed
  • No Risk of Contamination, Leaks, or Pressure Loss
  • Install in Minutes with a Standard Screwdriver
  • Built-In Predictive Maintenance

Significant Reduction in Time and Costs

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