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Easy To Use

Intuitive and Straightforward Software

The SZ-V Series boasts one of the simplist safety laser scanner softwares on the market. The easy to follow step-by-step menus, clean page layouts, and standard drop-down menus and buttons enable users to get their scanners up and running in minutes.

Familiar Tools and Landscape
An assortment of easy to use tools
enable users to generate complex zones
quickly and easily.

Automatic Drawing Function
This innovative feature automatically
draws around obstacles to ensure
proper protection with just the push of
a button.

Dynamic Drawing Function
Using a standard reflector, briefly mark
the corners of the desired zone for a
truly unmatched zone creation technique.

Simple Connection and Communication

USB/Ethernet (Direct Connection)
Directly connect to SZ-V Series scanners through either USB or Ethernet to easily modify the units program, monitor the current status of the scanner, or check for recent interruptions.

*Ethernet only available on SZ-V(U)32N(X) models

EtherNet/IP and UDP (Network Communication)
The SZ-V Series offers both EtherNet/IP and UDP networking capabilities for easy communication of measurement and status information.

*EtherNet/IP and UDP only available on SZ-V(U)32N(X) models

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