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Simple installation

Reduce installation time with simple wiring and easy-to-use mounting brackets

One-line system

•Reduce the number of wires from 18 to 5
•1/3 of the wiring installation time compared to conventional light curtains

Simplified wiring

Conventional Light Curtain

18 wires

The transmitter and receiver had to be routed through the machine and wired to the control panel.

One-line system

5 wires

The transmitter receives power from the receiver, meaning that only the receiver has to be wired to the control panel.

Advantages of the one-line system

[ 1 ] Wiring is simplified by connecting the transmitter directly to the receiver, requiring that only the receiver be wired.
[ 2 ] Reduced risk of mis-wiring due to the reduction in required connections.

Conventional Light Curtain/One-line system

Optical synchronization

•Reduced wiring

Separate transmitter and receiver wiring simplifies installation

Conventional Light Curtain

Synchronization wiring is required.

Optical synchronization

The transmitter and receiver can be wired separately, which greatly simplifies wiring and installation time. Long lengths of cable are no longer required to be routed through the machine.

Quick fit brackets

Adjustable angle mounting bracket


Straight / L-shaped mounting bracket

No dead zone mounting bracket

[ Easy installation ]

Conventional brackets/GL-R Series

1. No assembly required

Traditionally, mounting brackets have required assembly before installation. However, the GL-R Series brackets come pre-assembled, so installation is as simple as sliding them into the mounting track and securing them to the machine.

2. Insert the bracket into the mounting track

The GL-R Series is designed to simplify mounting by inserting the brackets into the mounting track and locking them in place.

3. Mount directly to standard extruded aluminum framework

The GL-R Series mounting brackets have been designed to attach directly to standard extruded aluminum framework without the need for any additional hardware.