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Electrostatic Sensor

SK series

Hand-held type SK-H050

180 degree rotating head for flexible measurement

The sensor head features a floating structure that rotates 180 degrees. Not only does this allow for easy measurement in narrow spaces, it offers improved shock resistance, as shock resulting from a drop will not transmit directly to the sensor.

Easy handling and operation

The body features an ergonomic design with a comfortable, easy-to-hold shape.

Laser pointer to identify the reference distance

Dual laser pointers make it simple to identify the optimal measuring distance for high precision measurement.

Large, easy-to-read liquid crystal display

A large, highly visible liquid crystal display makes it easy for users to read measurement results on the spot.

Charge monitor function

The SK-H050 features a charge monitor function that measures static elimination speed and ion balance, both of which indicate an ionizer’s static elimination capability. This allows users to conveniently measure their ionizer’s static elimination ability.
* An ionizer monitoring unit SK-H055, sold separately, is required.

Data storage function

Up to 100 sets of measurement data can be stored in the SK-H050’s internal memory. The stored data can be transferred to a computer via a USB cable and saved as CSV data.
* PC software can be downloaded free of charge from our website.

STATIC ELECTRICITY, HUMIDITY Simultaneous measurement [Industry’s first]

By measuring the static charge and humidity at the same time, you can more accurately identify whether a particular area is likely to have static-related problems. This helps identify optimal anti-static measures, including humidification and other procedures such as installing an ionizer.

Relationship between static electricity and humidity

Static electricity and humidity are correlated: when humidity exceeds 60% RH, static charge is less likely to accumulate. Even during the winter, when static charges build up easily due to colder, drier air, static-related problems can be prevented by maintaining a constant level of humidity around target workpieces.

Humidity can vary in the same room depending on the location

Since humidity changes with temperature, humidity can vary in a room depending on the location. Temperature is generally higher around manufacturing systems, which tends to produce lower relative humidity.


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