Quantitative Analysis of UV Damage in the Epidermis

High-speed, high-resolution image stitching

While the skin is equipped with mechanisms to defend the living body from ultraviolet rays, long hours of exposure to ultraviolet light can destroy the defense functions and cause wrinkles, blemishes, keratinization, skin cancer, and other problems. The level of damage the skin has received from ultraviolet rays can be evaluated by measuring the thickness of a stained epidermis using a microscope. However, this conventional method of measuring thickness at different parts of the epidermis is prone to variations in values depending on where they were measured, making evaluation unstable.

High-speed, high-resolution image stitching
Mouse skin
Image clipping without compromising high resolution
Quick, accurate extraction and quantification of the damaged area
Area: 72865 µm2
Using the All-in-One Fluorescence Microscope BZ-X800