High-resolution Imaging of the Periodontal Membrane of Mice

Capturing clear images without fluorescence blurring

The periodontal membrane, also known as periodontal ligament, is a connective tissue that attaches the tooth root to the alveolar bone (upper and lower jawbones).
This fibrous tissue also adjusts bite forces applied to the tooth (impact absorption).

  1. Normal observation

    Normal observation

  2. Sectioning observation

    Sectioning observation

  3. Image stitching

    Image stitching

Capturing clear images without fluorescence blurring

Objective lens: CFI Plan Apo λ 40x
Image stitching: 5 images × 5 images

Using the All-in-One Fluorescence Microscope BZ-X800

Image stitching

Up to 50,000 × 50,000 pixels can be joined together easily to capture a clear image without stitch lines or brightness variations. Additionally, it is possible to accurately quantify information such as fluorescent signal intensity.