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Application example: iPS cells

iPS cells

Well-plate observation

Counting colonies

iPS cells, or induced pluripotent stem cells, are produced by introducing several types of genes into body cells. After being cultivated for several weeks, they are changed into pluripotent stem cells that are capable of proliferating almost infinitely and differentiating into cells of various tissues and organs.
The BZ-X can accommodate a well-plate directly on its stage, in addition to other various containers used in the cultivation process.

Objective lens: CFI60 CFI Plan Apo λ 10x
Image stitching: 7 x 9 images

Batch measurement using the same conditions

Once you have the BZ-X:

The large motorized stage is able to accommodate a variety of specimen containers, including multi-well plates.

For large wells that do not fit in the field-of-view, a single high-resolution image can be obtained by stitching together adjacent areas.

Hybrid Cell Count enables automatic counting of colonies by extracting only the colonies from the wells.

Based on the conditions extracted using Hybrid Cell Count, Macro Cell Count can be used for batch processing of several images.

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