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Application example: Heart


Automated batch measurement

Quantification of fibrosis

Heart fibrosis is a phenomenon where excessive collagen deposits form outside cells, leading to stiffer cardiac muscle and reduced cardiac function.
Recently, various advancements have been made in this area, including regenerative medicine and detection of factors to prevent heart fibrosis. The following shows results of quantification of fibrosis ratio in mice under various conditions using the BZ-X:

Area (total)Area (fibrosis)Area ratio
85057246 μm22177277 μm22.56%

Objective lens: CFI60 CFI Plan Apo λ4x
Image stitching: 3 x 4 images

Batch measurement using the same conditions

Area (total)
Area (necrosis)
Area ratio
Area (total)
Area (necrosis)
Area ratio
Area (total)
Area (necrosis)
Area ratio

Once you have the BZ-X:

For large sections that do not fit in the field-of-view, a single high-resolution image can be obtained by stitching several images captured while the stage is moving.

From multiple images captured at different planes in the Z direction, just the focused sections can be combined to create a fully-focused image of the entire specimen, even if the specimen is tilted or has height differences.

Hybrid Cell Count enables the user to extract only target cells from the entire section and automatically calculate their ratio.

Based on the conditions extracted using Hybrid Cell Count,
Macro Cell Count can be used for batch processing of several images.

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