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Application example: Stomach cancer

Stomach cancer

Automated batch measurement

Quantification of immunostained stomach cancer tumor sections

Immunostaining, which is also called an immune antibody method or immunohistochemistry, is often used for histopathological diagnosis.
It binds a specific protein (antigen) to tissue with a substance that specifically reacts to it (antibody) in order to visualize tumors or other target parts.

Hybrid Cell Count

Objective lens: CFI Plan Apo λ 10x
Image stitching: 20 images x 12 images

Area (total) 65,426,415μm2
Area (tumor) 10,085,121μm2
Area percentage 15.4%

Once you have the BZ-X:

For a large section that cannot be seen within a single field-of-view, the motorized XY stage can capture and stitch together the entire region of interest in high resolution.

Even for tilted specimens or specimens that have height differences, it is possible to create an image in which the entire specimen is in focus. This is accomplished by capturing multiple images in the Z-direction and stacking together only the parts that are in focus.

Hybrid Cell Count can extract only tumoral areas from the entire section and calculate the proportion automatically.

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