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AC Servo SystemsSV2 series

Three-phase or single phase AC200 to 240V For 750W



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General specifications


750 W

Input power supply


Main circuit

3-phase (or single phase) 200 to 240 VAC +10 to -15%, 50/60 Hz
270 to 324 VDC *1

Control circuit

Single-phase 200 to 240 VAC +10 to -15%, 50/60 Hz
270 to 324 VDC *1

Allowable frequency fluctuation

Main circuit/control circuit

No more than ±5%

Overvoltage category


Control mode

Three-phase full-wave rectification, IGBT, PWM control, sine-wave current driving method


22-bit serial encoder (absolute) communication,
fully closed control serial communication, analog feedback

Operating environment

Operating ambient temperature

-5 to +60°C 23 to 140°F (no freezing; reduced ratings at +55°C 131°F or more)

Storage ambient temperature

-20 to +85°C -4 to +185°F (no freezing)

Operating/storage ambient humidity

95% RH or less (no condensation)

Vibration resistance

4.9 m/s2 16.1'/s2 (JIS C60068-2-6 compliant)

Impact resistance

19.6 m/s2 64.3'/s2 ( JIS C60068-2-27 compliant)

Operating atmosphere

Enclosure rating


Pollution degree

Pollution degree: 2 (in an IP54 or higher control panel)
However, usage under the following requirements required:
• No corrosive gas or flammable gas present
• No exposure to water, oil, or chemicals
• No dust present


2000 m 6561.7' or less above sea level (usable at reduced ratings at 1000 m 3280.8' or more)


No static electricity noise, strong electric fields, magnetic fields, or radiation present

Applied standard

UL/CSA standards

UL61800-5-1, CSA22.2 No.274

CE marking

Low-voltage directive

EN61800-5-1, EN50178


EN55011 Class A, EN61800-3, EN61000-6-4


EN61800-3, EN61000-6-2

North America EMI standard

FCC Part15 B, ICES-003. Class A



Attached to base mount

Safety function

STO function (STO/EN61800-5-2)

Safety function

Safety parameters

SIL3/EN61508, SIL CL 3/EN62061,
PLe (Category3) / EN ISO13849-1: 2008

Response time

8 ms (max.)


STO1, STO2: Base block signal for power module
Internal impedance: 4.7 kΩ
Operable voltage range: +24 V ±20%
Max. delay time: 8 ms
(Time from turning STO1, STO2 off until motor current cutoff)


EDM: Built-in safety circuit status monitoring (fixed output)
Max. allowable voltage: 30 VDC
Max. allowable current: 50 mA DC
Max. voltage drop at ON: 1.5 V
Max. delay time: 8 ms
(Time from changing STO1, STO2 until EDM change)

Applied standard

EN61800-5-2, EN ISO13849-1: 2008, EN61508, EN62061, EN60204-1, EN61326-3-1

Protection function

Overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, regenerative abnormalities, etc.

Min. insulation resistance

500 VDC, 1 MΩ or more with insulation resistance tester

Insulation withstand voltage

1500 VAC or more (between primary side and ground)
3000 VAC or more (between primary side and secondary side)
350 VAC: Between secondary circuit and ground


Approx. 1.6 kg

Power supply/current capacity and power loss

Main circuit power supply

Three-phase 200 V/Single phase 200 V

Max. applicable motor capacity

750 W

Power supply capacity for 1 amplifier

Three-phase 200 V: 1.6 kVA, Single phase 200 V: 1.9 kVA

Output current


5.5 Arms


16.9 Arms

Main circuit power loss

43.8 W

Regenerative resistor power loss

8 W

Control circuit power loss

17 W

Total power loss

68.8 W

Rated input current

Main circuit

Three-phase 200 V: 4.1 Arms, Single phase 200 V: 8.7 Arms

Control circuit

0.2 Arms

Rush current

Main circuit

34 A

Control circuit

Performance specifications


Speed control range

1:5000 (load torque ≤ rated torque conditions)

Speed fluctuation rate

At load fluctuation

±0.01% or less with load fluctuations of 0 to 100% (at rated rotation speed)

At main circuit voltage change

0% with ±10% of rated voltage (at rated rotation speed)

At ambient temperature change

±0.1% or less with ambient temperatures of 0 to +50°C 32 to 122°F (at rated rotation speed)

Torque control accuracy (reproducibility)


Speed frequency response frequency

2.6 kHz

Dynamic brake

Operated at main circuit power supply OFF, servo alarm, limit switch detection (LSP/LSN), forced stop detection (FSTOP)

Regenerative resistor

Built-in regenerative resistor: 50 W to 400 W ... not installed
750 W to 5.0 kW ... installed
External regenerative resistor: OP-84399 (50 W to 1.0 kW)
OP-87073 (1.5 kW *2)

Display Function

Panel function

7-segment LED
Rotary switch ×2 (16 ch)
Slide switch ×1 (4 ch)

Status display LED

CHARGE: For notification of main circuit power supply input (orange)
POWER: For notification of control circuit power supply input (green)
CONNECT: For notification of connection (green)
LINK1, LINK2: For notification of MECHATROLINK communication (green)

Auxiliary function

Gain control, alarm history, Z-phase search, etc.

I/O specifications

Sequence input signal

Number of inputs

7 (3 high-speed input, 4 general input)

Max. input voltage

28.8 VDC

Rated input voltage

24 VDC

Min. ON voltage

19 VDC

Min. OFF current/voltage

High-speed input: 0.6 mA, general input: 0.3 mA

Common point mode

7 points/1 common point (1 terminal) (bidirectional)

Input time constant

250 μs, 500 μs, 1 ms, 2.5 ms, 5 ms, 10 ms

Input current

High-speed input: 4.5 mA, general input: 3.7 mA

Input impedance

Approx. 4.7 kΩ

Assignable input signals

Full signal assignment, logic-settable forced stop (FSTOP),
external latch signals 1 to 3 (EXT1, EXT2, EXT3),
origin return deceleration switch (DEC), forward limit switch (LSP),
reverse limit switch (LSN), forward torque limit selection (PTL),
reverse torque limit selection (NTL)

Sequence output signal

Number of outputs


Output mode

Transistor NPN output

Rated load

30 VDC / 50 mA

Leakage current when OFF

0.1 mA

Residual voltage when ON

1.5 VDC or less

Common point mode

Independent common

Assignable output signals

Individual signal assignment excluding ALARM signal, logic-settable alarm (ALARM),
in position (INPOS), speed matching (VCMP), zero speed detection (ZSP),
operation preparation complete (RDY), torque limiting (TLM),
speed limiting (VLM), electromagnetic brake timing (BRAKE),
warning (WARN), Positioning proximity (NEAR)

Analog Feedback Input signal monitor

Max. input voltage

±12 V


±1% of F.S.


±10 bits

Input impedance

30 kΩ

Encoder division pulse output signal

Output mode

Phase A (A+/A−), phase B(B+/B−), phase Z (Z+/Z−): Differential line-driver output

Line driver

SN75ALS174 (T.I.) or equivalent

Output frequency

1.6 Mbps (with 2-phase, 4 times multiplication, 6.4 MHz or equivalent) *3

Analog monitor output

No. of channels

2 ch

Output range

±10 V (linearity valid range ±8 V)


16 bits

Conversion precision

±20 mV (typ.)

Max. allowable load current

±10 mA

Conversion speed

1.2 ms (typ.)

Communication specifications

MECHATROLINK-III communication

Communication protocol


Station address

03H to EFH (Max. number of connectable slaves: 62)

Transmission speed

100 Mbps

Transmission frequency

125 μs, 250 μs, 500 μs, 750 μs, 1 to 4 ms (in multiples of 0.5 ms)

Communication cycle

Support for values starting at transmission frequency × 1

Number of transmitted bytes

32 bytes/station, 48 bytes/station (selectable with slide switch)

Transmission media/cable

Category 5e-compliant, STP cross cable

Operating specifications

Position control / speed control / torque control

Command input

(sequence, motion, monitor, adjustment, etc.)

Max. transmission distance

50 m 164.0' *4

USB communication

Connected device


Communication standard

USB 2.0-compliant


Status display, parameter setting, tuning, etc.

*1 When using a DC power supply input, set “*AC/DC power supply” to “DC”.
*2 Use of 2 kW, 3 kW, and 5 kW servo amplifiers is possible depending on the operating conditions.
*3 The division ratio can be set arbitrarily with a parameter.
*4 For instances with 30 m 98.4' or more, use ferrite cores (OP-84409) with 2 turn-winding.

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