Laser Wire Marking Systems

A beneficial technology that has continued to evolve for decades, wire marking systems are more efficient than ever. Their adaptability to a variety of use cases is one of their biggest selling points, as they can be applied to numerous sub-sectors of manufacturing.

There are different types on the market, but laser wire marking machines primarily focus on non-damaging permanent ID coding. This article will explore important details about modern wire marker systems and why manufacturers should consider them a viable investment.

Features of Laser Wire Marking Systems

While the different types of laser marking systems have some nuanced features, they serve a universal purpose. At a glance, wire marker systems using laser technology are known for their efficiency, precision, non-contact approach, and longevity in output quality.

Another standout benefit is on-the-fly marking, which offers the capability to mark wires continuously as they pass through the production line. This is a significant incentive for manufacturers as it is a much more efficient and cost-effective solution that can also aid business growth.

Laser wire marking equipment comes with a long list of advantages, some of which include:

  • Vertical and horizontal text marking
  • Automated processes for serialization and time stamps
  • Easily change fonts and text size
  • On-the-fly (OTF) wire marking
  • Easy-to-learn software
  • No consumables or recurring costs
  • Decrease downtime or changeover

Regardless of the type of design in question, whether it’s the popular UV laser marker or other wire marking systems, manufacturers benefit from multiple angles.

Benefits of KEYENCE Laser Wire Marking Systems

With a keen understanding of manufacturing needs in laser marking systems, KEYENCE covers a broad spectrum of benefits across different designs. For example, fiber laser markers are great for high-speed processing with deep engravings.

For manufacturers who need a combined approach to wire marking equipment, the hybrid laser marker has proven to be a go-to choice for many. Built to handle a broad range of materials, the hybrid design offers the benefit of marking analytic tools, internal cameras, and more.

The wire marking possibilities are endless, considering the many different features available. Plenty of manufacturers also use CO2 laser markers, which are known for their versatility in transparent, solid, and opaque materials.

Laser Wire Marking Applications by Industry

Wire marking is needed for all kinds of reasons across many different industries. Whether it is simply for identification or to keep up with specific product and item regulations, laser wire marking can be applied to more industries than we can count. Although this is true, the practice of wire marking is known to be relatively predominant in several leading industries.

A few of these include:

The applications for wire marking are continuing to expand as technology becomes more flexible and intuitive. However, it should be noted that the quality of laser wire marking technology varies greatly. If you’re looking for the most reliable wire marker technology, it is important to consider where you get it.

Why Choose KEYENCE for Wire Marking?

The technology available with us at KEYENCE is far above and beyond what you'll find from most others on the market. Every type of modern laser wire marking system and associated feature you can think of is all in one place.

You'll also benefit from our decades of industry experience. Our customers find reliability and longevity in our wire marking systems and unwavering support.

Never feel left in the dark, as we offer all of the documentation you could possibly need to start wire marking. We also have a stern focus on innovation, which has led to a growing impact on manufacturing practices across 110 countries on the planet. You can't go wrong working with the experts, and that's exactly what the KEYENCE experience embodies.

If you’re interested in what our wire marker technology has to offer, contact us today, our team is ready to help.