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Technical Support

3D Z-Map

An introduction to importing 3D CAD files for easy alignment and laser marking in a 3 Dimensional environment.

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3D Shapes

An introduction to the basic setup and parameters used in marking 3 Dimensional targets. This video contains information specific to KEYENCE 3-Axis laser markers.

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2D Barcode Reader Software

An introduction to using the MD-X's internal barcode reader.

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Version Upgrade

Upgrading your laser marker to a newer software version.

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File Save, Transfer, and Backup

An introduction to saving, transferring, and backing up program and controller settings.

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An introductory video on how to program the Marking Builder 3 software to automatically increment numbers such as serial numbers.

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2D Barcodes

An introduction to entering 2D barcodes in the Marking Builder 2 software program. Types of 2D codes include Data Matrix, QR Code (Model 1,2 and Micro.)

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Text Strings

An Introduction to the Marking Builder 3 graphical user interface and how to enter basic text string data for part marking.

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Logo Designer

An introduction to the Logo Designer software suite and how to import, design and manipulate your own custom logo files.

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TrueType Fonts

An introduction to properly load and use true type fonts in the Marking Builder 3 software.

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An introductory video on how to program the Marking Builder 3 software to automatically update characters such as date codes and time stamps.

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Feel free to contct us. 1-888-KEYENCE(1-888-539-3623)

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