Laser Marking on ECUs

The ECU is the brain of the vehicle, optimizing the movement of the various drive mechanisms. It electronically controls the engine, airbags, transmission, and other parts according to operating conditions. ECU development continues to evolve, with higher levels of control obtained every day.

Charging control ECU / Airbag control ECU / Power steering control ECU / Start and stop control ECU / Transmission control ECU / Engine control ECU
A / B
A: Serial number marking on the case cover
Affixing labels to an ECU's case is common, but labels are expensive to produce and can't accommodate design changes well. Laser markers don't incur running costs and are very easy to adjust.
B: 2D code marking for connector identification
ECU connectors often use cream-colored and gray resins, which are difficult to mark with infrared lasers. However, UV lasers are capable of producing high-contrast marks on these materials very easily.