Laser Marking on Inverters

Inverters convert stored electricity from DC to AC and supply AC to the motor. Because motors rotate over a wide angle while a vehicle is operated, inverters must meticulously control the supplied electricity.

Laser Marking on Inverters
A: 2D code and character string marking on PCB
Glass epoxy PCB marking must be damage-free to prevent particle generation on photo-resist removal.
B: 2D code marking on cooling device
Marking a 2D code on the cooling device makes it very easy to ascertain the device specifications.
C: Serial number marking on the case cover
Affixing labels to an inverter's case is common, but labels are expensive to produce and can't accommodate design changes well. Laser markers don't incur running costs and are very easy to adjust.
D: 2D code and character string marking on aluminum cast parts
Cast aluminum cases can vary in size depending on product tolerances. It's important to have a marking system that can compensate for these size changes, otherwise you run the risk of defective, out-of-focus marks that aren't readable.