High Speed, High power CO2 Laser Marker

ML-G series

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This product has been discontinued.

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Power Stability Ensures Precision Laser Marking

Long Term High Resolution Marking Quality

Laser Power Stability within ±5%

High resolution, consistent marking

Beautiful, Consistent Marking can be Achieved.

The ML-G Series provides stable laser power to maintain consistent marking quality. It can suppress irregularities in marking density and eliminate problems of missing or blurred characters. Thus, the ML-G Series ensures beautiful marking over a long period of time.

* When the output is 20% or higher

Highest Marking Stability*

High-precision Laser Output with ±5% Stability

High-precision Laser Output with ±5% Stability Ensures Stable Marking*.

With conventional oscillators, the laser power slightly fluctuates by approximately ±10% during the marking process. This can result in diminished marking quality . However, the ML-G Series incorporates a laser oscillator using WaveGuide technology, providing a laser power stability within ±5%. Therefore, the ML-G Series can suppress irregularities in marking density to maintain constant a marking quality. This ensures highly stable marking that cannot be achieved with conventional markers.

* When output is 20% or higher

Dust-proof Structure and Noise Immunity Ensure Stable Marking

Dust proof structure for stable marking

Super Dust-proof Structure

A dust-proof wall exists between the laser oscillator and the scanner to separate these units completely. With this structure, external air for cooling the oscillator will not affect the scanner. Dust contained in the external air will not adhere to the marking scanner mirror ,allowing for stable marking without missing or blurred characters.

Noise Immunity

Since the entire marking head is shielded, the ML-G Series prevents external noise from entering the scanner and control board, ensuring stable marking. A CE Marking-conformable model is also available.

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