High Speed, High power CO2 Laser Marker

ML-G series

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This product has been discontinued.

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Laser Marking with Dedicated Software

Even Inexperienced Users can Quickly and Easily Setup the ML-G

Easy to Use Software

Integrated software for improved productivity

Integrated Marking Software, “Marking Builder”, is Included.

“Marking Builder” includes everything you'll need to start marking in no time. Since preset data can be checked on the screen in real time, the setup time can be reduced. Users can check the final marking layout image before marking on actual products (Trial & Error process is not required).

The “Marking Builder” can save both time and work pieces.

Read below for just a taste of functions that come with this world class marking package.

Simplified Layout According to the Work Piece Image

Work Piece Image Display Function

Work Piece Image Display Function

The marking layout can be determined by monitoring the target work piece image.* You can execute coordinate movement and zoom-in/zoom-out operations by simply dragging characters. Even arc alignment, which is difficult to do with the conventional method, can be performed easily.

* An image of the target can be loaded into the Marking Builder software so as to assist in setup of the position of the mark.

Preview Display Function Shows Existing Settings and Logo Marks

Preview Display Function

Existing settings and logo marks can be checked using the preview display list. You can find the setting or logo mark to be called at a glance and edit the data smoothly. This function is useful to improve work efficiency and to prevent operation errors.

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