CMM for Oil & Gas Industry

A coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is a tool that uses a probe and coordinate points to measure dimensions and GD&T data. CMMs come in four models: bridge, gantry, cantilever, and portable, and often include software.

Your ideal model depends on your industry, and in this blog, we’ll discuss how to choose a CMM for oil and gas applications. Since the industry is frequently changing, a portable CMM with dynamic software is the optimal coordinate measuring machine for energy industry applications. Keep reading to learn more about how a portable CMM supports angular measurements, assembly, and data exchange.

How CMM Machines are Used in the Energy Industry

Price volatility, unpredictable changes in supply, extreme environments, and constant data exchange are aspects of the energy industry that make it unique. However, with the uniqueness comes challenges with measuring and inspection in the energy industry. CMMs are a lifeboat for those challenges.

CMMs can precisely inspect and measure complex dimensions and GD&T data while considering friction, environmental conditions, and pressure. A CMM machine ensures bends are at the correct angle, flanges are flat enough, and pitch circle diameters are fitting. These tools are advanced and precise compared to other tools like rulers, calipers, and micrometers.

Choosing the Right CMM for Oil and Gas Applications

Select the Proper Model

CMM machine models include bridge, cantilever, horizontal, and portable CMMs.

Bridge, cantilever, and horizontal models are usually large, heavy, and unmovable, so they aren’t the most effective choice for oil and gas applications.

A portable CMM, like an arm CMM, is a better CMM for oil and gas applications. These CMMs are smaller and easily travel between sites and technicians. Also, the flexibility of portable CMMs allows them to measure and inspect already assembled parts without disassembling them. The ability to work on an assembled part saves time by eliminating the reassembly process and replacing it with hands-on adjustments.

Select the Proper Software

The ever-changing nature means that flexible software is also a necessity for CMM measurement and inspection in the energy industry. Your software should support a flow of data between technicians, locations, and applications. This could be software that organizes data or analyzes it into accessible reports.

A data-exchange software in a CMM for oil and gas ensures that everyone is on the same page regardless of changing communication. Constant change means that user-friendly software benefits efficiency and accuracy. User-friendly software in a CMM for oil and gas makes sure that measurements are consistent regardless of technician and that there is no waiting period for new training.

The oil and gas industry’s frequent exposure to extreme environments and vibration is also a barrier to accurate measurements or inspections. However, software can resolve this. Using software that can compensate for exterior disturbances, like vibrations and high temperatures, assures that measurements in one site will withstand other environments.

Integrate the CMM into the Energy Industry Manufacturing Process

The energy industry is dynamic, so the tools must be, too. KEYENCE’s Portable CMM for in-process, on-machine, on-site, and final inspection adds consistency to the energy industry demands.

KEYENCE offers a CMM for oil and gas called the WM Series. The WM is handheld, travels to and from sites in a roller suitcase, and requires virtually no training. It works by pressing the probe to your application and using the touch screen to select your desired measurement or inspection.

The WM responds in seconds and can create data analysis and inspection reports with photos. If you’re in an extreme environment, it will adjust for vibration and temperature so you can predict the component’s change in a different environment. The WM promotes easy handoff between technicians and measures up to 49.2 ft.

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