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Vision Systems

KEYENCE offers the Industry's Most Complete Vision System Lineup. See how award-winning camera and lighting technologies address the most common vision system challenges, such as glare, low-contrast, and acceptable part-to-part variation to provide the image stability, quality and consistency required for nearly any application. The KEYENCE vision system lineup includes cameras, lensing, and lighting options with resolution up to 64MP, as well as 3D and line scan cameras for increased capability to complete any inspection process.

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CV-X series - Intuitive Vision System

The CV-X Series is an innovative, user-friendly vision system that uses high-speed cameras to solve inspection applications across all manufacturing industries. The CV-X vision system incorporates cameras and lighting to stably image parts in-line to improve efficiency and ensure quality. Industries served include automotive, electronics, medical, food and packaging, and any process that requires inspection on high-volume parts. Common applications include defect detection and surface inspection, presence of parts and features, assembly verification, vision guided robotics, measurement, and code reading.

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XG-X series - Customizable Vision System

The XG-X series is a customizable vision system with advanced imaging and programming capabilities. Developed with the advanced user in mind, the XG-X gives flexibility to the user with flowchart style programming. Supporting all KEYENCE cameras including Line Scan and 3D, the XG-X vision system is the solution to challenging inspection applications as well as solving issues with part-to-part variation.

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VJ series - GigE camera and lighting for PC-based machine vision

The VJ series brings the advantages of KEYENCE Vision to PC-based environments. GigE cameras, dynamic lights, and an image-processing unit combine in an easy-to-implement system that yields high contrast images for the most difficult inspections. Take advantage of KEYENCE’s unique dynamic-lighting technologies such as LumiTrax™, Multi-Spectrum and LumiTrax™ Specular Reflection. The VJ is compatible with major software such as HALCON, LabVIEW, VisionPro, OpenCV, NeuroCheck, Common Vision Blox, and Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) as well as GenICam libraries for software development.

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3D Vision series - Inline 3D Inspection

The XT series is a highly accurate 2D and 3D vision system used to perform advanced in-line inspections. The XT series includes 2 camera models with a field of view up to 60x60mm to inspect and measure parts across various manufacturing industries. With a 9+ megapixel image sensor and large diameter telecentric lens, the XT is repeatable to 0.5-1µm with +/- 10-20 µm accuracy. These high-quality images can be captured in as little as 0.6 seconds. Along with capturing accurate 3D image data, the 2D image is illuminated with RGB lighting to ensure highly accurate color imaging, which enables inspection of 2D features simultaneously.

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3D VGR series - 3D Vision-Guided Robotics

The 3D vision-guided robotics system from KEYENCE is designed for unparalleled object detection capability and ease-of-use. This system can be used in the automation of assembly, de-palletizing, and machine tending processes. To gather 3D data, the four-camera, one-projector imaging unit captures 136 total images as the high-speed projector emits multiple striped-light patterns across the target. The user follows a simple setup process, including automatic robot-camera calibration. CAD data of the part to be detected can be uploaded to further simplify the setup process. For each detected object, the Path Planning tool calculates a full path of robot motion to efficiently pick and move the part while avoiding all collisions with the bin or cell. This whole process can be simulated during the work cell design process, using the built-in Picking Simulator which allows users to test out different grippers or cell designs and simulate the picking results without installing or changing any physical hardware.

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Line Scan series - Line Scan Technology

Line scan cameras are a type of camera that capture an image one line at a time, which allows high resolution imaging of large webs, sheet-type parts, and cylindrical targets with very consistent lighting. The KEYENCE Line Scan Series includes cameras with a minimum speed of 165 kHz for extremely fast captures, which allows detection of small defects such as linear scratches, dirt, and dents at high speeds. The newly developed LumiTrax™ Specular Reflection mode uses striped lighting with the line scan cameras to detect surface defects that were previously impossible with standard line scan systems or traditional machine vision cameras.

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2D VGR series - 2D Vision-Guided Robotics

2D vision-guided robotics hardware from KEYENCE has become the global standard when equipping robots for pick & place and grip correction applications. A simplified robot vision interface paired with KEYENCE provided robot programs allows for seamless connection to all major robot manufacturers, including one-click auto-calibration. With industry leading imaging technology and highly-accurate pattern detection tools, these systems are well suited to solve any 2D guidance application.

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Machine Vision Accessories

CA-D series - LED Lighting

The KEYENCE LED lighting series offers a wide selection of lighting that is directly connected and controlled by KEYENCE vision systems to obtain consistent target illumination and highlight desired features. This lineup spans from traditional machine vision lighting (available in white, red, and blue) to innovative, high performance lighting techniques. The high performance lighting unlocks inspections that were previously impossible or unreliable. LumiTrax™ lighting enables surface appearance inspections with no influence from background glare and patterns. Multi-Spectrum lighting combines 8 different colors of light to differentiate subtle differences and defects. Pattern Projection lighting transforms a 2D camera into a simultaneous 2D/3D inspection system with its addition of height data.

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CA-L series - Lenses (for Machine Vision)

The KEYENCE lens lineup provides the flexibility to tackle all camera installation and application needs. Choose from features such as high resolution, low distortion, IP rated, telecentric, and space saving lenses to achieve desired setups and sharp images. This series also includes lens filters such as polarizing, sharp cut, and blue cut to support stable imaging by reducing ambient influences. Protective filters ensure a long service life of the lens by preventing damage from debris and maintenance.

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VisionDatabase series - Machine Vision System Database

Vision Database is a dedicated software that makes it very easy for any user to analyze inspection results from KEYENCE vision systems to provide traceability and system maintenance. Conditional searching of the result data linked with actual images facilitates reporting and analysis of the vision inspection. Stored images can be retested and settings can be adjusted using the simulator software. Program modifications can be saved as back up settings and reloaded at any time on the vision controller.

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